Book Cover Modernist Icons by Die Gestalten verlag

Publication in Modernist Icons by The Gestalten

A Legacy of Arne Jacobsen’s visionary contributions to the Hansaviertel is the Arne Jacobsen Bungalow. I captured the Bungalow. These Images have found their place within the pages of „Modernist Icons,“ a new Book of The Gestalten Verlag. „A celebration of mid-century modern interiors, architecture, and design“.

My Images of the Arne Jacobsen Bungalow takes its role in this visual chronicle. A chronicle that showcases the enduring charm of modernist structures.

As an architectural photographer, I am committed to preserving the legacy of iconic structures. The Images I took of the Architecture of the bungalow, can be seen as a narrative of modernist elegance, wherein each angle imparts a story of architectural refinement.

This recognition in „Modernist Icons“ marks a significant milestone for me. I am very excited to have had the opportunity to highlight the work of Arne Jacobson as one of the leading Architects of the Aera through my lens.

Join me in opening the package, as the book arrives.

Arne Jacobsen Bungalow, Architecture Photography ©Jordana Schramm

Book Cover Modernist Icons by Die Gestalten verlag